In the beginning

Thank you everyone for dropping by The Couture Crown.

This is officially the first blog post that we ever have. As we are busy preparing for the launch of both our online website and pop up store, so many things have happen in between. Our lovely website director fall sick this weekend. In her sickness she need to set up the pop up store at jcube and also finish up this website so it can officially go on live at 7th April. Give her a big clap n applause for her dedication! 🙂 Not to mention me and my baby have caught the flu bug as well and there is so much “chaos” at home. If you are a mother, you will surely understand.

We are very very excited at what this new website has in store for all our customers. And every single day we have been waiting for the final D day to be launched. I am not sure if i am the only one excited haha.. But i am pretty sure the website director cant wait for it to be over.

Do note that we will also be giving you a 10% discount during the first week of our official launch! Have a great weekend and thank you once again for being with us *In the beginning*.

Signed off, Amber (a dreamer full of faith)