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Sizes Available

Newborn to Adult

0-1 yrs old 25cm34cm
1-3 yrs old 32cm42cm
4-6 yrs old36cm 50cm
Size S38cm58cm
Size M41cm 63cm
Size ML44cm 65cm
Size L50cm69cm
Size XL52cm71cm
Size XXL56cm76cm
Size XXXL67cm76cm


Tshirt Material



Our Pricing 

0-1 yrs old $28Size XL$38
1-3 yrs old $30Size XXL$38
4-6 yrs old $32Size XXXL $38
Size S$32Add back printing$5
Size M$32Designing CostAdditional $5
Size ML$32Gold/Silver Printing Additional $2
Size L$32


Design Inspiration

Do take note we need minimum file size to be 500kb if you are submitting your own design.
For more design inspiration, please refer to this link – “Printed T-Shirt Catalogue“.


How to Order:

Please provide us with the following information in the email:

  1. Color of your shirt
  2. Color of printing
  3. Size of your shirt
  4. Design you would like to customize
  5. Additional information like the font if you would like to print wording
  6. Your name, contact number, mailing address and email details
  7. Is your order urgent? If yes, please provide us the date you need the product. Do note that there may be additional charges for urgent orders.

Once we finalize your order, you will receive confirmation from The Couture Crown. Please make payment so that we can proceed to do out the draft design for you. Upon approval we will proceed your order. Do note that for all customization order it will take 2-3 weeks and will be subjected to any delays due to order on hand.

You can also submit your order in this form below:

Submit Your Order
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  • Name*Your Full Name
  • Contact Number*Mobile
  • Address*Mailing Address
  • Email*a valid email address
  • Your Order
  • Color of T-Shirt*
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  • Order Notes*Quantity, font, design and etc
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