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Printed Fabrics Choices 



DescriptionMeasurements (cm)

Size is an approximate. Buckwheat pillow case will be subjected to a slight difference as this is a handmade order. (Do note: We are only selling the buckwheat pillow case)


Material of Buckwheat Pillow Case

Ready FabricCotton
Printed FabricBSY / Cotton Sakura


Our Pricing

Ready Fabric$13 per buckwheat pillow case
Printed Fabric$23 per buckwheat pillow case
Add Embroidery $4


How to Order: 

Please provide us with the following information in the email:

  1. Buckwheat Pillow Fabric.
  2. Quantity and Buckwheat Pillow Size.
  3. Your name, contact number, mailing address and email details
  4. Is your order urgent? If yes, please provide us the date you need the product. Do note that there may be additional charges for urgent orders.

Once we finalize your order, you will receive confirmation from The Couture Crown. Please make payment so that we can proceed your order. Do note that for all customization order it will take 2-3 weeks and will be subjected to any delays due to order on hand.

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